Q: Can I buy a video without closed captions? 

A: All videos are available without closed captions for $5 more. That extra $5 goes to Nyle DiMarco Foundation.

Q: I'd really love a custom video, what do I do? 

A: Send me an email and let's brainstorm something that works for you. 

Q: Do you have videos that you love? 

A: Of course I do! My colleagues are doing amazing things, please check out my blog for more information. 

Q: Will you [insert action] on camera? 

A: That is good question, it's best to ask for requests and information politely via email. I promise I won't kink shame you. 

Q: What are your official social media handles?

A: My Connections Page will give you all the places I occupy on the web. If you find an alternative account it's likely a fake, proceed with caution.

Q: Are you actually disabled? 

A: Yes, being disabled and an adult creator is a tricky place to navigate sometimes, but disabled folx deserve to see themselves represented in media. Feel free to drop me a line if you have ideas or suggestions on making my content more accessible.