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When I started off in the adult industry I had direction, but I lacked passion. It took a life altering accident to change the way I viewed the world. I want to start industry standards and make content that I'm proud to share.

First on the list?

All of my original content will feature Open Captions. Open Captions are digitally edited into the video, unlike Closed Captions which you can toggle on and off. I am a disabled content creator and you might see a mobility device in some shoots, those are my actual mobility devices. I have the placard to prove it. I realized I couldn't find myself reflected in the adult entertainment I was viewing.

Why is that?

I am, after all, a sexual being. I should be able to view media just as others do. I want my viewers to know their concerns are being heard and I want new folks to know that they are being represented in adult content. Too often do new creators cater to a crowd that is over saturated with media. Let's have some fun and make content that is beautiful, silly, campy, serious, and of course sexy.  Keep the conversation going, what kind of content do you want to see? 




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Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.
— jennifer lopez
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